The Potential of a Real Estate Side Hustle

The Potential of a Real Estate Side Hustle

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With the economy and inflation on the rise from 2023 into 2024, having a side hustle has become more of a need than a luxury for some people. But can you make money in real estate on a part-time basis? Perhaps it sounds too good to be true, but the reality is that the real estate industry has the potential to be an incredibly lucrative part-time venture. Let's explore this further.

Real estate investing involves the acquisition, ownership, rental, or sale of real estate for profit. It's a broad field that opens up avenues for numerous types of part-time real estate endeavors. So, if you're considering the plunge into the real estate market, here's what you need to know.

The Real Estate Part-Time Opportunity

There are quite a few ways you can get started in the real estate business on a part-time basis. You could start small with rental properties, become a part of a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), or even try your hand at wholesale real estate.

Rental properties can be a great starting point. The concept is simple as it involves buying a property and renting it out to tenants. The rental income you receive helps pay off the property’s mortgage, taxes, and other costs, making it a good part-time real estate venture.

Alternatively, wholesale real estate is another opportunity worth considering. This involves finding motivated sellers, getting the property under contract, and then finding an interested party to buy the contract to the property from you at a slightly higher price. This price difference then becomes your profit – all without ever having to own the property yourself.

As we mentioned earlier, another option is investing in a REIT. It functions like a mutual fund but for real estate. Here, you invest money into a trust that owns a pool of properties. This allows you to dip your toes into real estate without the need to manage properties yourself – making it a perfect part-time real estate endeavor.

Pros and Cons

Every financial venture has its upsides and downsides and real estate is no different. The advantages of a part-time real estate side hustle are plentiful. Aside from the extra income, real estate investments often appreciate over time, providing potential profits upon sale. It can also diversify your income streams, providing financial stability.

However, it's also vital to consider the drawbacks. Most notably, real estate investments can be capital-intensive, unless you are wholesaling, requiring significant upfront costs. Additionally, as with any investment, the real estate market can be unpredictable, with its fair share of highs and lows. Lastly, it'll require your time. Even as a part-time endeavor, your real estate investing pursuit would need dedication and effort.

Success Stories

To provide a real-life example, let's consider a case of one of our clients at DealMachine. Ms. Derby, a school teacher by day, started investing in real estate as a side hustle. Over the years, she has steadily gained steam in her real estate investing and now is wholesaling vacant land full-time. And, she teaches and educates others on how they can change their life with real estate investing.

How to Get Started

Starting a part-time real estate side hustle involves several steps. First, comprehensive market research is key. It's important to understand the local real estate market trends, neighborhood prospects, and price movements. Other factors like understanding real estate laws, types of properties to invest in, and potential return on investments should also be factored in. Start with one property, gain experience, and slowly build your real estate business portfolio over time.

In conclusion, the real estate industry presents numerous opportunities for anyone looking for a side hustle. While it does come with its share of risks and challenges, with the right strategy and dedication, a part-time real estate career can prove to be a significant addition to your income.

Ready to delve into the world of part-time real estate investing? Let DealMachine guide you every step of the way. Start your real estate journey with us, and discover the art of making real estate work around your schedule.

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