From a $3,000 Deal to $20,000: A Real Estate Journey with Blair Bass

From a $3,000 Deal to $20,000: A Real Estate Journey with Blair Bass

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In this blog, we have the pleasure of hearing about Blair Bass's journey in real estate investing. Blair shares how he went from making $3,000 on his first deal to eventually making $20,000 per deal. His story is inspiring and showcases the power of persistence and determination in the real estate industry. If you're looking for motivation and practical insights into real estate investing, you're in for a treat. So, let's dive in!

About Blair Bass

Blair Bass is a real estate investor based in Mississippi and Memphis, Tennessee. He is a man of faith, a go-giver, and someone who is passionate about helping others achieve their real estate goals. With a background in hospitality and residential youth counseling, Blair decided to venture into real estate to find a more flexible and enjoyable career path. He saw the potential for growth and profitability in the real estate industry, and he hasn't looked back since.

Getting Started in Real Estate

Before diving into real estate, Blair was a college student pursuing a career in hospitality. However, due to personal circumstances and the need for financial stability, he took on a role as a residential youth counselor. This job allowed him to utilize his negotiation skills and help young individuals transition into adulthood. Despite finding meaning in his work, Blair desired a career that offered more flexibility and enjoyment.

Blair's interest in real estate stemmed from wanting to find a less stressful alternative to the hospitality industry. Real estate appealed to him because it combined various elements of business, such as marketing, sales, advertising, and networking. He recognized the opportunity to make profits while also having the freedom to structure his own schedule. Real estate seemed like the perfect fit for Blair's goals and interests.

The Early Challenges

When Blair initially started his journey in wholesale real estate in 2018, he faced several challenges. He sought guidance from a real estate coach and attended a free one-on-one course on wholesaling. However, his attempts to use direct mail and cold calling to connect with potential sellers were not yielding the desired results. The high-equity list he targeted in a prestigious area of Memphis, Tennessee, did not generate many leads.

However, Blair did not let these initial setbacks discourage him. Instead, he took matters into his own hands and turned to YouTube University to expand his knowledge and skills in wholesale real estate. He committed himself to learning something new about the industry every day. It took him a year to close his first deal, which came through agent outreach rather than direct mail or cold calling.

The First Deal and Proof of Concept

Blair's first deal was a significant milestone for him. It gave him the proof of concept he needed to gain confidence in his abilities as a real estate investor. The deal came about through his agent outreach efforts, where he contacted agents to inquire about off-market properties or as-is properties. One agent had a deal to sell her mother's property, which took 60 days to close. This deal earned Blair $3,000 and marked the beginning of his real estate journey.

Closing his first deal showed Blair that real estate investing was a viable career path for him. It validated his belief in the process and motivated him to continue pursuing more deals. He understood that real estate investing required persistence and resilience, but it also offered significant opportunities for financial freedom.

Growing the Business and Setting Goals

Blair's real estate business has evolved since his first deal. He now utilizes DealMachine, a powerful tool for finding distressed properties, to drive for dollars and expand his lead list. Additionally, he leverages agent outreach and the knowledge he gained from the TTP (Talk To People) program by Brent Daniels to enhance his prospecting efforts. Blair is focused on making more offers and closing more deals to reach his goal of earning $100,000 in sales.

To achieve his ambitious target, Blair plans to drive more in investor-driven areas, add 10,000 to 12,000 leads to his Deal Machine account, and eventually hire a driver to maximize his time and efficiency. He also emphasizes the importance of networking, connecting with other investors, and giving back to the community. Blair aims to inspire others and help them change their own lives through financial literacy and real estate investing.

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The Power of Driving for Dollars

One of the keys to Blair's success is his commitment to driving for dollars. He encourages aspiring real estate investors to drive in hot zip codes where there is investor activity. A hot zip code signifies a potential market for investment properties. It is crucial to distinguish between houses that are well-maintained and houses that exhibit signs of distress. Distressed properties may have visual indicators such as overgrown bushes, peeling paint, or neglected exteriors.

Blair advises new investors not to overthink driving for dollars. The process is simple: just drive around and add any properties that catch your attention. The goal is to create your own lead list and focus on the properties that align with your investment criteria. It's essential to be open-minded and always add properties to your list, even if they don't appear to be distressed at first glance.

Persistence and the Numbers Game

Blair emphasizes the importance of persistence in real estate investing. He shares that finding a deal requires a significant volume of leads. It took Blair around 1,000 to 1,500 leads to close his first deal. Many new investors give up too soon because they underestimate the amount of effort required to find a profitable deal. Building a substantial lead list and consistently following up with potential sellers increases the chances of success.

The key is to approach real estate investing as a numbers game. The more leads you have, the better your chances of finding a deal that meets your criteria. Blair recommends sending multiple rounds of mail to distressed properties and making regular cold calls to potential sellers. Consistency is crucial, and he advises new investors to have a long-term mindset.

Personal Growth and Balance

Blair recognizes the importance of personal growth and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. He prioritizes his well-being through a disciplined daily routine. He adheres to a strict waking schedule, rising at 4:00 a.m. to dedicate time to pray, read, and focus on himself before the distractions of the day begin. By taking care of himself first, Blair ensures that he is in the right mindset to serve others and succeed in his real estate endeavors.

Outside of work, Blair engages in various activities to stay motivated and centered. He follows a healthy diet, focusing on plant-based foods, and participates in regular fitness challenges. Blair also pursues his passion for music as a DJ, and he values quality time with his family. His faith serves as his foundation and guides his actions in both his personal and professional life.


Blair Bass's journey in real estate serves as a powerful example of how dedication, persistence, and a commitment to personal growth can lead to success in the industry. From his modest beginnings to closing deals worth $20,000, Blair's story is an inspiration to both aspiring and seasoned investors. Through his focus on building strong relationships, adding value to the community, and continually learning and adapting, Blair has positioned himself for continued growth and achievement.

If you'd like to connect with Blair Bass and learn more about his real estate journey, you can find him on Instagram @Intrepid_Investments or on Facebook under Blair Bass. Reach out, follow his journey, and be inspired to make your own mark in the real estate investing world. Remember, success in real estate is within your reach with the right mindset, strategies, and determination. Keep pushing forward and never give up on your dreams of financial freedom through real estate!

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