Choosing a Title Company in Wholesaling Real Estate

Choosing a Title Company in Wholesaling Real Estate

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Wholesaling real estate is a lucrative venture, a game of numbers and perfect timing, where savvy investors source properties at lower prices, lock them under contract, and then assign the contract to a buyer for a higher price. In the world of real estate wholesaling, the role of professionals usually under the radar but crucial to completing transactions, cannot be understated; one such professional is the title company. So, let's dive into the process of selecting the perfect title company for your wholesale real estate business.

Understanding the Importance of Choosing the Right Title Company

There’s a lot that goes into real estate investing, particularly in the realm of wholesaling real estate. A title company plays a multi-faceted role.

They ensure the title to a property is legitimate, thus enabling a smooth transaction. They act as a neutral third party, holding and disbursing funds or documents. And most importantly, they provide title insurance to protect the investor against any future property ownership claims, errors, or omissions in title records.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Title Company

Not just any title company will serve your wholesale real estate business needs. There are several factors to consider in your selection process. Let's delve into some of these factors.

Nationwide vs Local Title Companies

Your first decision might be choosing between a local or a large, nationwide title company. Local companies have intimate knowledge of the local laws and familiarities, but larger companies may offer more comprehensive services. Consider your specific needs and volume of transactions before making a decision. Either way, the choice should be a partner who supports your operations and enhances their efficiency.

Experience in Wholesale Real Estate Transactions

You want to go for a title company well-versed in the intricacies of wholesaling real estate as not all title companies deal with real estate wholesaling. The title company should be comfortable with double closings, assignment contracts, and should interpret the applicable laws correctly.

Title Fees Comparison

The cost of title services usually includes a search fee for researching an array of title data sources and an insurance fee to cover the potential liability amount. It’s vital to understand the fees charged by different title companies and how they stack up in the market. Remember, while cost is a significant factor, it should not be the deciding factor.

Communication and Customer Service

In a playing field like real estate investing, the stakes are higher, and the processes, complex. Here, communication is key. And you can't ignore the importance of a point of contact who's accessible and responsive, thereby reducing unforeseen delays in transactions.

Top Title Companies for Real Estate Wholesaling

At this juncture, it’s fitting to draw your attention to a handful of top title companies that cater for real estate wholesaling. The list is not exhaustive but gives a glimpse into what to look for in a title company.

Remember, apart from these, you have numerous title companies catering to specific locales, which could help if you're focusing on a certain geographical area.

Tips for Building a Successful Relationship with Your Title Company

Relationship building with your title company is just as important as the selection process itself. Here's a trifecta of tips on the same.

Establish Open Communication Lines

From updates on process changes to being looped in on the status of your transactions, ensure there is open and consistent communication. Alongside using DealMachine as your real estate investing software to find off-market properties, having a title company that keeps you informed at every step is invaluable.

Understand Their Process

Every title company has its own set of policies and procedures. To avoid hold-ups, disappointments, and unwanted surprises; take the time to understand their process completely. This makes it easier to cooperate effectively with them for your transactions.

Be Professional and Prompt

The professional operations at the very core should extend beyond to the way you handle all your business dealings including those with the title company. Prompt responses, timely paperwork, quick decision-making are all part of the professionalism expected.


The right title company is not a choice but a prerequisite for successful wholesaling in real estate. By choosing a title company best suited for your needs, you can make sure that your real estate investing journey is smoother, swifter, secure, and successful.

Remember, the best title companies are those who work alongside you as a partner. They should make your job easier, not more complicated. Through effective collaboration with a title company, you can ensure the success of your real estate investing ventures. Happy investing!

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