Breaking Free: Nick's Path To Financial Freedom

Breaking Free: Nick's Path To Financial Freedom

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Welcome to this deep dive into a truly inspiring entrepreneurial journey, one that will resonate with folks grinding away at their demanding corporate jobs and feeling restricted by the so-called "golden handcuffs". In today's post, we introduce you to Nick Perry, a former corporate high-flyer who left his $250K/year job to pursue his dream of being his own boss.

In this blog, we’ll learn about Nick’s unconventional path to success. This informative, inspirational post is an offshoot of our podcast, designed to guide those who aspire to augment their income and replace their traditional jobs.

Breaking From The Norm: The Origin Story

Nick Perry didn't become a success overnight. In fact, when he moved to Austin, Texas in 2013, he had a mere $5,000 to his name, zero connections, and no job. All he harbored was an unrelenting desire to work for himself.

After considerable online exploration, he came across 'wholesale real estate' on YouTube, a strategy involving buying undervalued properties and selling them on at a profit. He started the old-fashioned way, sending hundreds of handwritten letters to prospective sellers. It took him 104 seller appointments and eleven months to close his first deal – an old, run-down property in Texas, for which he managed to secure a cool profit of $12,000.

As Nick himself puts it,

"My first deal came from a handwritten letter eleven months after trying and getting my teeth kicked along the way."

Understand, Adapt, Succeed

Throughout this challenging journey, Nick learned some important lessons. Not all the advice he found online was accurate or valuable, and it was only after he found a mentor that he started seeing tangible progress. This is a stark reminder that even in the digital age, a good mentor can make a world of difference.

Once Nick started focusing his efforts on Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, things began moving in the right direction. As he profoundly notes,

"There's no higher return on ad spend than PPC and it's a much higher quality lead, much lower cost per...takes fewer leads to close a deal."

Corporate Success vs Entrepreneurial Success

Nick had a promising start at his corporate job at, where he started as an Inside Sales Representative. Within a short time, he climbed up the ladder, winning big sales awards and earning $250,000 a year.

Astonishingly though, this wasn’t enough for Nick, he wanted more than just a 'good job'. In his words, a job stands for 'Just over broke'. He wasn’t after the money, but a lifestyle where he had total control over his time.

"My idea of success is being able to do what I want, when I want, with the people that I want to do it with whenever I want to do it."


Freedom Now: Life in Mexico

Nick finally took the plunge and moved to sunny Mexico, where he embraced freedom and continued growing his business. Today, he enjoys the flexibility of working for just a few hours a week on his business while making the most of his time in the company of those he loves.

This move wasn't just about the idyllic beaches and palm trees. He was also drawn by the cost of living, which is considerably cheaper in Mexico than in big American cities. To top it off, Mexico's gastronomy, well-known for its variety and high quality, was a significant attraction for Nick.

The Journey to Seven Figures

Nick's journey to success wasn't a straight line, it was filled with ups and downs, trials, and errors. However, every challenge only served as an opportunity for learning and growth. The turning point in his career was when he decided to go virtual, on a nationwide level. He took on leads from all over the United States, leveraging lower costs per lead and a more diverse market.

Today, Nick mentors others through his mentorship platform, Seven Figure Cartel. It's a platform where real estate investors can learn how to scale up and expand their operations.


Nick Perry’s journey is a remarkable testament to the power of determination, adaptability, and a can-do spirit. On the one hand, it soundly debunks the common myth that success can be achieved overnight. But it also enlightens us on the transformative potential of a determined mind, the right mentorship, and the effective use of digital marketing.

Stay tuned for more real-life stories from entrepreneurs who've taken unconventional routes to success. We hope they inspire you to take control of your career, break free from the golden handcuffs, and work towards achieving financial freedom.

Until next time, keep learning, keep growing, and remember - you have the power to shape your own life!

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