Chris's Success in Wholesale Real Estate Investing

Chris's Success in Wholesale Real Estate Investing

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In the realm of real estate investment, it's always a pleasure to meet people who have embarked on a journey of exploration and growth to attain the level of success they have today. One such individual is Chris, who we recently had the pleasure of interviewing.

Chris's story is an interesting one. Bucking the societal norm following his college education, he enlisted in the Navy. Here, he learned more than just his chosen profession; Chris was also imbued with a deep sense of discipline, a quality that catalyzed his monumental personal growth and laid the groundwork for his future ventures.

After completing his service in the Navy, Chris returned to college where he pursued a degree in civil engineering. He dabbled in construction work and often found himself mired in traffic, yearning for something more. Chris yearned for financial freedom and real estate, he found, offered an escape route from the constraining confines of his 9-5.

"My main focus was going to be rentals. I know a lot of people say it's not passive, but it's definitely a lot better than showing up to work every morning" -Chris

Chris's Foray into Real Estate Investment

Inspired by Rich Dad Poor Dad, a book by Robert Kiyosaki that piqued his interest in real estate investment, Chris began a journey that would prove to be transformative in more ways than one. Never one to surrender to adversity, Chris was not deterred when he encountered challenges along the journey.

Once he decided he was going to start investing, he went to a meet-up and ended up talking with another investor who told him about real estate wholesaling. You see at first Chris was focused primarily on looking to buy and hold properties.

Using a combination of sending postcards, cold calling, and finding and linking with other wholesalers online, Chris managed to secure his first few deals. His initial success sparked his interest in Talking To People (TTP), a strategy championed by Brent Daniels for sourcing distressed properties. Taking Daniels' advice to heart, he bravely ventured outside his comfort zone to explore the ever-vibrant and decidedly opportune Boise, Idaho real estate market. The decision paid off as he managed to secure two deals, netting him a total of $11,000 in profit.

All Roads Lead to...San Diego?

While Boise was a stepping stone for Chris, his heart was set on exploiting the opportunities within the burgeoning real estate market of San Diego. He braved a year and three months of diligently compiling a list of rundown properties, a strategy he learned during DFD Mastery with Zach Booth. Driven by perseverance and tenacity, he eventually landed a whopping $20,000 deal in San Diego, splitting the profit with his partner, David.

Yet, Chris’s journey wasn't devoid of trials and tribulations. He faced discouragement multiple times, but his relentless spirit propelled him forward. Eventually, he found success in his chosen path. He got a taste for victory and was hooked.

Chris's takeaway message is "My goal is to keep driving, keep marketing to that list, and getting constant deals here in San Diego from driving for dollars."

Keen to build on his burgeoning success, Chris plans to continue driving his real estate investing forward, constantly marketing to his lists, and securing a steady stream of deals in San Diego. For Chris, the end goal remains clear: achieving passive income through rental properties.

His story serves as a reminder that with determination, self-discipline, and a willingness to step outside your comfort zone, you can carve out a successful career in real estate investment. Regardless of your background or present circumstances, with a little bit of effort, you too can tap into the vast opportunities that it has to offer.

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