Coming Soon: DealMachine CRM!

Coming Soon: DealMachine CRM!

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This week, DealMachine has an exciting update planned. Introducing DealMachine CRM for real estate investors!

DealMachine CRM is a Customer Relationship Management tool designed to help real estate investors get more deals, without upfront costs or tech-y customizations. Start a CRM account for FREE (this is not a trial), combine with DealMachine Street Engine (DealMachine’s existing driving for dollars real estate tool) for flawless integration, and upgrade as you grow.

DealMachine CRM includes 30 team members, 50,000 managed properties, unlimited owner lookups, and no time limit, totally free.

Did you say DealMachine Street Engine? Yes. It’s the same DealMachine you know that offers 3 plans: Basic, Professional, and Enterprise, all focused on helping investors scale their driving for dollars lead source. We just gave it a new name: DealMachine Street Engine.

Here’s what’s staying the same:

  • Same iOS and Android mobile app, same web app, now with additional features

Here’s what’s new:

  • DealMachine CRM is included in your existing account, and this is where new signups will start. With the CRM you’re going to see the same interface, the map (desktop only), the real estate lead management view, world class support within the app, and the best part is it’s free.
  • When Free CRM members view the map on mobile, or click the “Driving” button inside the app, they’ll be able to select Basic, Professional, or Enterprise Street Engine subscription within the app so they can quickly pin properties while driving for dollars.
  • Bulk Upload is now available on any plan, including DealMachine CRM Free
  • Lower postcard cost for paid accounts: 55 cents on Basic and Professional plans, 49 cents on Enterprise
  • Route tracking is now included in the Professional plan at no additional cost
  • There will be a limit to how many properties your team can add via the mobile map of 500, 1000, or 10,000 per month on the Basic, Professional, and Enterprise plans, respectively
  • Reminder about skip tracing: 17 cents on Basic and Professional plans, 15 cents on Enterprise
  • Corporate skip tracing shows you the owners of LLCs and Trusts. This costs double the normal skip trace cost.

Here’s more information about the upcoming DealMachine CRM.

We look forward to helping you extract added value from your real estate investment software and lead management system with the free DealMachine CRM. 

To start a DealMachine CRM account (existing members already have access), fill out the form below.

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David Lecko is the CEO of DealMachine. DealMachine helps real estate investors get more deals for less money with software for lead generation, lead filtering and targeting, marketing and outreach, and acquisitions and dispositions.