How Ramon's Wholesaling Side Hustle Bankrolled a Greek Vacation

How Ramon's Wholesaling Side Hustle Bankrolled a Greek Vacation

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In the realm of real estate investing, wholesaling stands out as a lucrative strategy for generating additional income without abandoning the security of a full-time job. This article explores the inspiring success story of Ramon Bestances, who leveraged real estate wholesaling to enhance his lifestyle significantly, culminating in a luxurious vacation to Greece.

The Genesis of a Wholesaling Venture

Ramon Bestances embarked on his real estate journey with a clear goal: to achieve financial freedom. His quest for an income-generating side hustle led him to the world of real estate wholesaling, a field he discovered through meticulous research and YouTube tutorials. Ramon's breakthrough came in 2020 with his first wholesale deal, bringing in a profit of $17,000. This initial success was a testament to the viability of real estate wholesaling as a significant income source alongside a traditional career.

Navigating the First Deal

Ramon's entry into the world of real estate wholesaling was distinguished by his innovative approach: he targeted a property that was already on the market. This strategy is not commonly pursued in wholesaling, reflecting Ramon's willingness to experiment with different methods. He diligently made offers on approximately 30 properties before his persistence paid off, securing his first deal. This process underscored the importance of resilience and strategic planning in real estate investments.

Ramon's success was significantly enhanced by his proactive networking efforts. By engaging with Real Estate Investor Associations (REIAs) and attending various networking events, he was able to connect with a cash buyer. This connection, forged over a simple coffee meeting, led to a profitable transaction where Ramon earned a $17,000 fee for assigning the contract. This experience not only highlighted the critical role of building strong relationships within the real estate sector but also showcased the effectiveness of blending traditional real estate practices with the innovative approach of wholesaling.

Expanding Strategies and Building Success

Ramon's journey into real estate wholesaling is a testament to his adaptability and strategic insight. After his initial success with listed properties, he began to explore more direct methods of sourcing deals, such as cold calling. By targeting neighborhood lists initially and then refining his focus to properties with high equity, Ramon optimized his search for potential deals. This methodical approach enabled him to identify sellers more likely to negotiate, enhancing his chances of securing profitable deals.

Furthermore, Ramon's adoption of a rigorous follow-up system proved essential, ensuring that promising leads were nurtured into successful transactions. His evolving strategies illustrate the dynamic nature of real estate wholesaling, where success hinges on the ability to adapt and refine one's methods continuously.


Balancing Wholesaling with a Full-Time Job

Ramon's ability to juggle a demanding insurance career with his wholesaling activities is a remarkable feat of time management and efficiency. By leveraging technology, specifically the DealMachine app, he turned his daily commutes and work-related travels into productive deal-finding missions. This "driving for dollars" strategy not only maximized his time but also demonstrated the potential to integrate real estate wholesaling into various aspects of one's life seamlessly.

Ramon's experience serves as an inspiring example for others looking to pursue wholesaling without sacrificing their primary source of income. It underscores the message that with the right tools and a strategic approach, it is entirely possible to excel in wholesaling while maintaining a full-time job, thereby achieving a balanced and prosperous professional life.

The Reward: A Dream Vacation and Beyond

Ramon's real estate ventures ultimately afforded him the luxury of a dream vacation to Greece, a reward for his hard work and savvy investment strategies. Beyond the immediate financial gains, his success with the BRRRR strategy—Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat—further exemplified the potential for long-term wealth generation through real estate.

Advice for Aspiring Wholesalers

Ramon's insights extend beyond the basics of real estate wholesaling, emphasizing the strategic value of building and maintaining relationships within the industry. He underscores the necessity of a strong network, which can transform a novice wholesaler into a seasoned professional. Ramon's own success was largely due to his proactive approach to networking, attending REIAs, and cultivating relationships that later proved instrumental in closing deals.

He also highlights the importance of leveraging technology, such as the DealMachine app, to streamline the process of finding and evaluating potential deals. This blend of traditional relationship-building with modern technological tools offers a blueprint for aspiring wholesalers on how to navigate the complexities of the real estate market efficiently. Ramon's story illustrates that success in wholesaling is not just about finding the right deals but also about building a foundation of trust and collaboration that can support a wholesaler's ambitions in the long term.


Ramon Bestances' experience in real estate wholesaling is a powerful illustration of how a side hustle can not only complement a full-time job but also open doors to new opportunities and experiences, such as a well-deserved vacation in Greece. His journey underscores the potential of real estate wholesaling as a pathway to financial freedom and an enriched lifestyle.

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