Master Wholesale Real Estate with Direct Marketing Postcards

Master Wholesale Real Estate with Direct Marketing Postcards

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When it comes to wholesale real estate, direct marketing comes forth as a compelling and cost-effective strategy. One tool that particularly stands out in the real estate industry's direct marketing arsenal is real estate postcards. But, where do real estate investors find the best deals on these postcards? Let’s delve into this.

Why Real Estate Postcards Matter in Wholesale Real Estate

In the digitized era, direct mail might seem an outdated approach, but nothing could be further from the truth, particularly in the real estate investing sphere. Real estate postcards ensure your message is physically in the hands of your potential sellers. They present a tactile and visual opportunity to connect with prospects, a break from the incessant email spamming.

A well-designed postcard template is cost-effective yet can yield impressive conversions. Their brevity forces you to get your message right, and their directness eliminates the pushy sales pitch, creating an ideal environment for effective communication that resonates with your audience.

Top Companies for Real Estate Postcards

Now that we understand the role of real estate postcards in wholesale real estate, let's take a look at some of the top companies that offer notable deals on them.

Ballpoint Marketing

Ballpoint Marketing offers postcards and handwritten letters for your leads. Their team uses robots with real ballpoint pens that create handwritten letters for you to send out to your leads. They have postcard templates to match seasons and different situations.

The robots write out the handwritten message on the back of the postcard or your handwritten letter. You can even customize the messaging you'd like on the direct mail.


DealMachine offers a unique solution for real estate investors. Not only can you pull a list of properties, drive dollars for leads, and reach out to them with our FREE unlimited contact information, but you can also start mail directly in the app or on the web for individual leads or bulk start mail through a list of leads.

We partner with Ballpoint Marketing to offer you the option for handwritten letters and door hangers. However, with our postcards, we have a variety of templates offered, they're just printed and not handwritten. Learn more on how you can automate your marketing outreach with DealMachine.

Key Features to Look for in a Stellar Real Estate Postcard

Having identified where to obtain the best real estate postcards, it's crucial to understand what to look for in a high-performing postcard, so you can send the most effective real estate postcards.

An Effective Headline: A gripping headline is paramount. It should grab attention and establish the essence of your message within seconds.

Quality Images: High-quality, relevant images are essential to making your postcard visually appealing. Strive for professional images that resonate with your audience. This can range anywhere from having the property images to having a family photo or professional photo on your sign-off.

Strategic Offer: A valuable, clear and concise offer further entices the recipient to act on your postcard. Don't worry. You don't need to include the exact dollar amount on the postcard, but for example you could use "We buy houses" or "Cash for houses" as your offer.

Clear Call-to-Action: Lastly, a clear and compelling call-to-action aids in guiding the recipient to the desired response. This can range from anything to having them scan a QR code to contacting your team directly with a phone number.

Cost Implication and ROI of Real Estate Postcards in Wholesale Real Estate

Despite their relatively low cost, real estate postcards present a remarkable ROI. Generally, the cost for design, printing, and distributing can range between 50 cents to $2 per postcard. For every postcard sent there typically is a 0.5%-1% response rate from DealMachine postcards compared to a normal industry average of 0.25-0.4%.


In conclusion, real estate postcards play a significant role in the direct marketing strategy of wholesale real estate investing. Being cost-effective and available from credible vendors

A quality postcard template featuring an attractive headline, professional images, valuable offer, and compelling call-to-action can yield impressive ROIs.

Therefore, whether you're an amateur or a seasoned player in the world of real estate investing, it's evident that direct mail marketing via real estate postcards isn't just relevant – it's essential in today's market landscape.

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