Overcoming the Lies That Limit Your Real Estate Investing

Overcoming the Lies That Limit Your Real Estate Investing

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Real estate investing can be an extremely rewarding endeavor, both financially and personally. But, some investors are held back from reaching their full potential due to unconscious beliefs and thought patterns. In this blog post, we will explore the top four lies that real estate investors tell themselves, understand why these limiting beliefs arise, and learn strategies to move past them into greater success and fulfillment.

On a recent episode of the DealMachine Real Estate Investing Podcast, expert performance coaches Annie and Jenny led an illuminating masterclass exposing the most common subconscious obstacles investors face. As Annie explained, our minds run predominantly on “autopilot” according to beliefs and assumptions formed in childhood. While some of these serve us well, many no longer apply to our adult realities. Becoming conscious of our limiting beliefs is the first step to replacing them with empowering truths.

As entrepreneurs, the ability to coordinate action with others is fundamental to success. Wherever we feel “stuck” in life, examining our relationships and teams (or lack thereof) can reveal underlying false beliefs driving the breakdown. Annie and Jenny walked through the four most widespread lies investors tell themselves, along with the key behaviors and flawed rewards perpetuating each. Grasping the high costs of clinging to these untruths allows us to consciously choose more constructive beliefs aligned with our values and aspirations.

The 4 Lies Real Estate Investors Tell Themselves

Lie #1: Constant productivity is essential for success

The notion that we must always be working to achieve results seems logical on the surface. However, chasing nonstop productivity leads to disconnection from self, from others, and from the meaningful experiences that make life truly rich. Instead of valuing activity for its own sake, the truth is that genuine connection is the currency that matters most in business and personal fulfillment.

Lie #2: It all falls on me

The belief that “if I don’t do it, it won’t get done” causes investors to take on too much themselves and fail to leverage the talents of others. However, our success depends entirely on the strength of our teams. The antidote is letting go of limiting control and contributing value to others by making meaningful connections and sharing collective purpose.

Lie #3: Suffering and grinding drive achievement

Pushing relentlessly out of obligation or the need to prove ourselves leads to burnout and robs satisfaction from accomplishments. True success is not a goalpost but an ongoing sense of optimization and fulfillment from our daily experiences. Instead of suffering, we can choose to continually craft the feelings and environments we want for ourselves.

Lie #4: Comparison and competition are essential for growth

Looking to others for self-validation distracts from the inner wisdom that guides our unique journeys. Rather than measuring ourselves against the progress or talents of people around us, our deepest sense of purpose comes from within.

Turning Lies into Truths

Annie and Jenny emphasized that moving beyond limiting beliefs requires first getting clear on the exact nature of the lie and the suffering it causes. Next, we must acknowledge the false rewards keeping the untruth in place, as well as the threats inherent in maintaining the status quo. Once equipped with this level of insight, we can then reframe core truths that invalidate the lie and choose empowering actions in alignment.

Fundamentally, the key is staying grounded in our daily experiences and sense of purpose. Regularly asking ourselves “What do I want to be true?” keeps us focused on consciously constructing our reality and replacing limiting assumptions with beliefs that serve our highest potential. As Annie and Jenny so adeptly illuminated, real estate investing success rests on internal foundations of truth. Investing in ourselves ultimately allows greater wealth to flow outward.


The mindsets and skills unlocked in this masterclass represent tremendous opportunities for growth, both professionally and personally. By courageously examining our subconscious limitations and establishing empowering beliefs in their place, we gain the clarity and confidence to pursue our biggest goals and experience the fulfillment we desire.

If you found this post insightful, be sure to check out the full episode of the DealMachine REI Podcast for an in-depth look at overcoming the lies investors tell themselves. With greater self-awareness, we can all reach new heights of success and happiness in real estate and beyond!


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