Unlimited Contact Info: DealMachine's Real Estate Edge

Unlimited Contact Info: DealMachine's Real Estate Edge

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In the rapidly evolving world of real estate technology, DealMachine is leading a significant transformation. By offering free and unlimited contact information, we're transforming how investors access and use real estate data. This isn't just an upgrade; it's a complete shift, replacing traditional skip-tracing methods with an innovative, efficient approach.

Redefining Access to Information

This innovation marks a significant leap forward for the real estate tech industry. Providing Unlimited Contact Info right inside every lead card, this new approach will redefine how real estate professionals gather important information about their leads. It streamlines their workflow, bolsters marketing strategies, and opens up a realm of new business possibilities.

Available across all new plans – Starter, Pro, and Teams – DealMachine's new service is designed with inclusivity and convenience in mind. The app's features are integrated to provide easy accessibility for users.

Data Richness and Depth

The depth and range of information provided by DealMachine are unmatched in the industry. The service offers:

  • Detailed Personal Insights: Personal details like age, gender, marital status, and language preference provide a deeper understanding of potential contacts.
  • Extensive Contact Information: Up to three phone numbers and email addresses for each person offer numerous ways to connect.
  • Comprehensive Background Data: Information on education, occupational fields, net asset value, and household income is crucial for targeted marketing and informed decision-making.

Uncompromising Data Quality

At DealMachine, good data quality is paramount in our business process. Our data provider, trusted by the top 10 major banks and powering 90% of the US Caller ID systems, not only guarantees accurate and reliable information but also ensures that our data sets undergo thorough data cleansing.

This eliminates inconsistent data, thereby maintaining current and relevant information. Our commitment to data integrity is essential not just for maintaining trust but also for enabling efficient real estate investing.

Incorporating advanced data analytics and harnessing the power of big data, DealMachine provides insights that are indispensable in the modern real estate market. This robust approach to data quality empowers real estate professionals with the accuracy and depth needed to make informed decisions, streamline their workflow, and enhance overall business efficiency.


Innovative User Experience Features

The update is designed to enhance the overall user experience:

  • Precision Targeting: New filters for contact age, type, and phone number availability enable users to precisely target their audience.
  • Simplified Contact Categorization: People Flags make it easy to categorize contacts quickly, streamlining management.
  • Visual Insights: Color coding on phone numbers offers immediate insights into their status, aiding decision-making.
  • Detailed Contact Card: This feature provides in-depth information on individuals connected to potential leads, simplifying the process of understanding and connecting with them.

Industry Transformation

DealMachine's new Unlimited Contact Info is set to revolutionize the real estate industry. The tool is invaluable in the modern real estate market, offering cost savings and up-to-date contact information. It outperforms traditional skip-tracing methods in both efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

The implications for improved workflow efficiency and reduced operational costs are substantial, marking a significant leap forward in how real estate business is conducted.

Broadening Community Engagement

In addition to transforming industries, DealMachine's service also opens avenues for community engagement and development. Real estate professionals can utilize this data to:

  • Identify and engage with property owners in community development projects.
  • Gain insights into neighborhood demographics for more community-centric initiatives.
  • Enhance local market understanding, leading to more targeted and beneficial community projects.


DealMachine's introduction of free, unlimited contact information is a major advancement towards more efficient, data-driven practices in real estate and beyond. It symbolizes a new era in data accessibility and utilization, paving the way for innovative approaches in various sectors.

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